Will Google Domains Kill GoDaddy Business ?

Remember the web before Google, when we surfed using Yahoo’s directory, AltaVista’s web portal, or AskJeeves’ answers?

While Google may profess to do no evil, even its CEO admits they’ve outgrown that slogan. And whether or not you consider it to be evil or just the cost of doing business, Google does have a habit of pushing other companies off the playing field with their innovative ventures.

And it’s not just search engines that have gone by the wayside thanks to Google. Not only has “google” officially become the English word for searching on the web, but Gmail is now the most popular email service, Google Maps has made MapQuest all but irrelevant for most, and Google Fiber may soon put your local cable company out of business.

And in 2014, Google announced they’re going to try to do the same with domain registration.

If you’ve ever had to register and manage domain names, you know what a hassle all the requirements and restrictions can be. Even basic tasks like setting your domain name servers correctly or hiding your address with Whois privacy can be confusing for beginners. And transferring a domain to another host or another person can result in a complicated back-and-forth tangle of emails and changing settings, even if you have more experience with managing domain names.

Just as Gmail simplified email and Google Maps made navigating easy, Google pledges to make purchasing and managing domains a much smoother process with their new Google Domains service.

Previously, Google would always recommend GoDaddy for purchasing domains. But with Google Domains, they’ll be trying to take on all that business themselves.

Now that Google’s in the domain registration business, will GoDaddy go the way of AltaVista and AskJeeves?

Here’s how Google Domains compares with GoDaddy, one of the most popular domain registrars in existence… so far. Whose side will you be on?

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