Measurement Units of land in Punjab and Haryana

The following are the basic 'measurements of land used in Punjab and Haryana' in ascending order.
  • one 'karam' is 5.5 ft
  • one 'marla' is 9 square karams (272.25 sq ft)(30.25 gaj)
  • one 'kanaal' is 20 marlas (5,445 sq ft)
  • one 'killa' is of 8 kanaals (43,560 sq ft = 1 acre)
  • one 'bigha' is of 2 kanaals (10,89 sq ft)
  • one 'marabba' is 25 killas (1,089,000 sq ft = 25 acres)
A killa is measured rectangularly, reckoned as an area 36 karams (198 ft) x 40 karams (220 ft) (43,560 square ft).
Kothis are measured in marlas and kanaals. Most are two to four kanaals but the big ones can be anything from four to six kanaals.
A couple of older measures:
  • one biswa = 15 Sq karams; 12 biswas = 1 kanaal (625 gaj)
  • one bigha = 20 biswas - 1008 square yards - 842.68 sq m (1000 Gaj)
i)In all areas consolidated on the basis of the standard measure of 66 inches i.e. Karam or Gatha:
1. 1 Sq. Karam or Sarsahi 3.3611111 Sq.yds.
2. 9 Sarsahies or 1 Marla 30.249999 Sq.yds say 30.25 Sq.yds.
3. 20 Marlas or 1 Kanal 604.99996 Sq.yds say 605 Sq.yds.
4. 160 Marlas or 8 Kanals 4839.99998 Sq.yds.say 4840 Sq.yds. (1 acre)

(ii)In the areas consolidated on the basis of the local meas ure and the non- consolidated areas of Amritsar, Gurdaspur, (except Shahpur Hill Circle and Chak Andar in Pathankot tehsil), Feroz epur (except Fazilka) and the erstwhile pr incelyState of Faridkot. Also applicable for Lahore (Pakistan):
1. 1 Karam 60 inches
2. 1 Sq. Karam or Sarsahi 2.777777 Sq. yds.
3. 9 Sarsahies or 1 Marla 24.999999 Sq. yards say 25 Sq.yards.
4. 20 Marlas or 1 Kanal 499.9999 Sq. yards say 500 Sq.yards
5. 193.60 Marlas (9 Kanals1 Acre or 4840 Sq.yds 13 Marlas 5 Sarsahis)

(iii) In the areas consolidated on the basis of the local measure and the non- consolidated areas of Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Anandpur Sahib (Ropar) and the Shahpur hill Circle in Gurdaspur District:
1.1 Karam 57.5 inches
2. 1 Sq. Karam or Sarsahi 2.5511188 Sq.yds.
3. 9 Sarsahies or 1 Marla 22.960069 Sq.yards say 22.96 Sq.yds
4. 20 Marlas or 1 Kanal 459.20138 Sq.yards say 459 Sq.yards.
5. 210.80 Marlas (10 Kanals I Acre or 4840 Sq.yds.10 Marlas 7 Sarsahis)

(iv) In the area consolidated on the basis of the local measure and the non-consolidated areas of the erstwhile princely State of Kapurthala:
1. 1 Karam 54 inches
2. 1 Sq. Karam or Sarsahi 2.25 Sq.yds.
3. 9 Sarsahies or 1 Marla 20.25 Sq.yards
4. 20 Marlas or 1 Kanal 405 Sq.yards.
5. 239 Marlas (11 Kanals1 Acre or 4840 Sq.yds.19 Marlas)
1 Karam or Gat ha x 1 Karam or Gatha
1 Sq. Karam or Biswansi 20 Biswansis
1 Biswa20 Biswa 1 Bigha

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  3. Thumbs up!!! really useful for people like me who only know the new generation measurements. KUDOS!!

  4. Thanks, my grandfather was teaching me about it but i was unable this article is very useful

  5. Thank you, very useful information.

    I have changed the format with "=" sign -

    The following are the basic 'measurements of land used in Punjab and Haryana' in ascending order.
    1 'karam' = 5.5 ft
    1 'marla' = 9 square karams = 272.25 sq ft = 30.25 sq yd
    1 'kanaal' = 20 marlas = 5,445 sq ft
    1 'killa' = 8 kanaals = 43,560 sq ft = 1 acre
    1 'bigha' = 2 kanaals = 10,89 sq ft
    1 'marabba' = 25 killas = 1,089,000 sq ft = 25 acres

    A killa is measured rectangularly, reckoned as an area 36 karams (198 ft) x 40 karams (220 ft) (43,560 square ft)

    Kothis are measured in marlas and kanaals. Most are two to four kanaals but the big ones can be anything from four to six kanaals.

    A couple of older measures:
    1 biswa = 15 Sq karams
    12 biswas = 1 kanaal = 625 sq yd
    1 bigha = 20 biswas = 1008 square yards = 842.68 sq m

  6. WORNG Ans. 1 'bigha' = 2 kanaals = 10,89 sq ft
    Right :- 1 'bigha' = 2 kanaals = 10,890 sq ft,= 610 sq yd

  7. Yes Mr. Jaawed Rana is right.

    But Mr. Jawed ur calculation about the Sq. yards is wrong. Its not 610 Sq. Yards. It will be 1210 Sq. Yards

    Ans. 1 'bigha' = 2 kanaals = 10,89 sq ft
    Right :- 1 'bigha' = 2 kanaals = 10,890 sq ft,= 610 sq yd

  8. The measurements scale so useful for everyone. 1 biswa is equal to 1361.4sqft. Am I right or wrong. Please clarify.

  9. Right answer is one bigha is equal to 10890 Sq feet or 1210 square yards

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